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❤ How to Wear Your Strap Extenders ❤

If you have had a jumperskirt altered by Truly Darling, some of these tips and tricks will help you in installing your strap extenders! Typically, when I alter a jumperskirt for a customer I send it back with the strap extenders already attached at the longest length for the customer to see how they are… Continue reading ❤ How to Wear Your Strap Extenders ❤

🎀 Series Updates 🎀 · Ethereal Journey

Ethereal Journey Swatch Update!

So I finally got the remaining swatches in for Ethereal Journey, we will be adding a grey and navy blue colorway! I got a few different shades of both he navy and the grey to decide what looked best when printed on the crepe de chine. The left is a blue-grey, and the right is… Continue reading Ethereal Journey Swatch Update!