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What Happened to Truly Darling

  Hey there guys! I don’t think I clarified in the description for this video that this happened back in November 2017. I know I have some Truly Darling content on here, and I wanted to share this video to this channel so moving forward people know what happened. XOXO ———————————————————————————————————– Hi Deers, I originally… Continue reading What Happened to Truly Darling

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Aurora Valentine Second Batch Preorder!

For anyone interested in getting Aurora Valentine again, we are doing a small preorder from April 3rd at 2:00 pm, to April 10th, 2017. So if you missed out, you will have a second chance! This second batch will be ready to ship around the end of May. Here are some pictures courtesy of Maya… Continue reading Aurora Valentine Second Batch Preorder!

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Series Update 2017: Truly Darling Spring Tea Party Event!

It may be a little late, but Happy New Year everyone! To kick off the 2017 year we have cleared out the old shop stock with lucky packs, and retired all of our older designs to make room for some new series, and one of those is Aurora Valentine! Up for reserve right now until… Continue reading Series Update 2017: Truly Darling Spring Tea Party Event!

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Ethereal Journey Necklace Preorder!

Preorder will be up tomorrow at 6:00pm eastern time! It will only be open 3/15/2016-3/21/2016. First 10 customers will receive a free Ethereal Journey postcard. Preorder price will be: $29.95 orders will be ready to ship out by early to mid April. Regular price will be $34.95 and will be ready to ship after late… Continue reading Ethereal Journey Necklace Preorder!

🎀 Series Updates 🎀 · Ethereal Journey

Ethereal Journey Swatch Update!

So I finally got the remaining swatches in for Ethereal Journey, we will be adding a grey and navy blue colorway! I got a few different shades of both he navy and the grey to decide what looked best when printed on the crepe de chine. The left is a blue-grey, and the right is… Continue reading Ethereal Journey Swatch Update!