Here is a simple guide for ordering alterations services from Truly Darling!

Intro: Truly Darling believes that every girl should be able to fit into her dream dress, and so because of that, I decided to open up alteration services to help out both my community, and every community all over the world! With years of sewing experience, alterations of several major brand pieces like Angelic Pretty, and Baby the Stars Shine Bright, as well as a can do attitude, Truly Darling can accommodate the lolita market in a way that was never offered before! Being that I love lolita fashion and participate in it myself, I offer a higher quality and more personalized alterations service than any local alterations shop could. What makes Truly Darling’s alteration services unique, is that I can offer them to both local and nonlocal customers! With the ever growing expansion of the business, the number of deposits I can take every month grows as well! Currently I have around 10-12 spots a month, so if your inquiry is serious, make sure you get yourself a deposit spot quickly!

 How to Order Alterations Services

  • First off, please read over the FAQ before inquiring, because this should help answer the bulk of your questions.
  • Next, you will need to send the Facebook shop a message about availability for the month, what you would like altered, and include both your measurements and the current measurements of the item. I can typically respond back to you within the same day, unless it is after 9pm, or on the weekend. (NOTE: If you don’t have a Facebook account or you do not frequently use it, you may also email the shop at with the title “Alterations Request” and we will keep in touch that way.
  • After I have assessed the item and have confirmed the item is alterable, you may immediately purchase a deposit spot here under the Alterations Deposit section on the left hand side of the shop page.
  • Once I see the deposit has been paid, you will be sent an Alterations Form to fill out. After I receive the form, I will send you an address to ship the item to.
  • In the form you will include your address, the measurements previously stated above, method of return delivery, and any additional items
  • An item will then take 1-2 weeks to alter and ship back. You will receive updates via Facebook messenger on the item. (Example: “I received your package!”, “I have finished the alteration and have attached pics below”, or “Here is tracking info!”)
  • Once you receive the update that the item is finished, you will receive the labor cost total as well, and you can either directly send it to our paypal at:, OR I can invoice you the total, but this option means I will need to add on additional cost to cover paypal fees.
  • Then you can leave feedback on our Facebook page under “Visitor Posts.”

 How to Order Alterations Services for Multiple Items

  • If you have several items you want to ship at once that you need altered, you can save on both shipping, and deposit costs by using this method.
  • First you would go to our shop page and click on the Alterations Deposit link that will lead you to the listing.
  • The way it works for multiple alterations service requests is simple. The first deposit spot is full price ($31.50), and then every spot after is just $10.80. So say like I had 6 jumperskirts that need altering. I would select “SINGLE ITEM” for the first dress deposit, and then add 5 “ITEM ADD ON” deposits for the additional 5 dresses.
  • You will be sent updates as each item is completed, and you can either choose to pay for each labor cost as I complete each one, or I can send you one final labor total cost at the end when everything is completed.
  • Items will then be shipped back to you in one package.Examples of alterations done for customers can be found here.