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What Happened to Truly Darling


Hey there guys! I don’t think I clarified in the description for this video that this happened back in November 2017. I know I have some Truly Darling content on here, and I wanted to share this video to this channel so moving forward people know what happened. XOXO


Hi Deers, I originally posted this video on my FB Page, but I thought I’d post it on here too. I went through a really hard time in my life last year, and I still find myself in the recovery phase. Over the years I have developed very bad anxiety, which was what ended up causing my throat pain. Of course this was after I had spent a large amount of money going to doctors to try and figure out the source of the problem. I loved Truly Darling when I had it, I just wish I had believed in myself more, and didn’t let what others say to me get me down. I am and will always be a creative person, and my new project with ThePlanetsDreamer making webcomics and Dark Tales of Lolita have been very rewarding. I look forward to sharing more content like that with you guys!

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