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Series Update 2017: Truly Darling Spring Tea Party Event!

It may be a little late, but Happy New Year everyone! To kick off the 2017 year we have cleared out the old shop stock with lucky packs, and retired all of our older designs to make room for some new series, and one of those is Aurora Valentine!

Up for reserve right now until March 5th, 2017! Get it here.

Aurora Valentine was dreamed up after I went to a casual tea meet with my local comm, and spent the afternoon talking over dream dresses with my friend. I thought to myself what all of my favorite elements of the lolita fashion were, and it inspired this dress! I am a big fan of tea length dresses, delicate details, german castle architecture, ombre prints, and Victorian era paintings. Along with the one piece cut, we have the option for a jumperskirt and bonnet.
Below is a picture of the mock up of the jumperskirt, it is the same cut as Ethereal Journey Jsk, only tea length, and an ivory ruffle along the bottom instead of lace trim.

The series made it’s first preview at our Spring Valentine’s Tea Party, where we gave out chocolate boxes, postcards and necklaces to the attendees, allowed early purchase of lucky packs, and a first look at our new series in person.

Here are some photos from Tea!


Me chillin’ next to my sample sporting a handmade piece from my personal wardrobe that I thought suited the theme of the items we were releasing at the tea party. πŸ™‚

Photo courtesy of Amanda Ruri. Click the image to go to the Ethereal Journey Unicorn Pendant Listing page if you want to purchase one!

Below is the rest of the new Spring Series!



Sweet Animal Cafe Designed by Rosie (Release will be in March 2017)

Attendee photos!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Over all it was an amazing Tea party with just the sweetest attendees ever! Thank you lovely ladies who supported the event, things like this keep inspiring Truly Darling to create new and wonderful designs! More series update posts to come on Aurora Valentine and all the others!



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