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❤ How to Wear Your Strap Extenders ❤

If you have had a jumperskirt altered by Truly Darling, some of these tips and tricks will help you in installing your strap extenders!


Typically, when I alter a jumperskirt for a customer I send it back with the strap extenders already attached at the longest length for the customer to see how they are put on, and for them to adjust themselves. This tutorial is a run down on how to adjust the length of a strap extender without having a part of the strap stick out.

Pictured on the left is the strap extender on it’s longest setting, on the right is the strap extender at a shorter length, but now there is a tail of the remaining extender sticking out.

❤1. Take strap extender in hand❤IMG_7526

❤2. Fold additional button hole over❤

❤3. Line up the button holes❤

❤4. Put button through the lined up button holes❤IMG_7533And there you have it! That extra button hole is not flapping around sticking out from the back of your jumperskirt!

❤Additional Advice: If the button hole is further down❤

Just fold further down and lining up the button holes!

Have a Darling Day!


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