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How to Fix a Broken Clasp on Bodyline Shoes

The other night when I was walking to a nearby restaurant all dressed up in lolita, I heard a something like a pin drop on the sidewalk and the next thing I knew, a clasp on my favorite pair of Bodyline shoes had come off!

When I checked to see what happened, it appeared the middle part of the clasp had completely broken off.


First I saved the remaining metal piece to bring to a craft store so I could see if I could replace it. Then I remembered I had eye pins in my jewelry kit, so I decided to get crafty instead…

Using the eye pins and my jewelry wire cutters, I managed to fix the part that had broken on the clasp!


So next time you think your shoes have lived their life and it’s time to chuck em, don’t! Even the hardest looking repairs can be easy! 🙂


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