🎀 Series Updates 🎀

Ethereal Journey – Metal Pendants!


We have an exciting new announcement! Truly Darling is now going to be offering metal pendant necklaces with our latest upcoming series, “Ethereal Journey”! 2inchunicorn These lovely pendants will be etched in silver plating, and strung on pearl chain. They should arrive in mid February (around the 11th-19th) for preorder on our Storenvy site.
If you get them during the preorder that will be going on for 1 week, they will be at a special price of $29.95. Additionally, the first 10 customers will receive free 5″x 7″ Ethereal Journey post card art with their purchase!
2016-02-06 12.44.47
After the preorder closes, the necklaces will go up for sale for the regular price of $34.95.  That is all for now, but if you like this post, you can like on on Facebook as well for coupon codes, and private inquiries!❤


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